The Birdwatchers are a unique acoustic trio who specialize in an equally particular instrument: the ukulele. Kim Bjerga, Clark Holmes, and Andy Nufer have carved out a niche for themselves in their local music scene, and for good reason. Their tight, three-part harmonies, combined with interestingly composed arrangements are refreshingly diverse, both in musicianship and content. With various ukulele ranges (tenor, baritone, and bass ukulele, as well as guitar), the three have managed to produce a wide, varied sound, and with an equally varied set list, The Birdwatchers are bridging musical gaps for all ages and ears. 


Kim and Andy became friends in high school in the small town of Cedar City, Utah,  making music together in band and choir and later on in a rock band called Apollo’s Army. Clark showed up to a crepe party hosted by the the other two in college at their apartment, and they quickly became friends. Initial bonds were made through music tastes and Smash Bros, and later on some late night jams with a ukulele and guitar turned into harmonizing with the homies and serenades for friends. This became a regular event, and the addition of a few small town gigs like farm dinners, weddings, and farmer’s markets developed gradually into Battle of the Bands (several of which they’ve won, how about that!), corporate events, headlining concerts, and ukulele/music festivals both local and abroad.


When it came time to record music, their first forays into the studio began with simple topics, such as a pet cat or the town they were living in, and have a raw, acoustic, and playful feel. Experimenting with new producers every one or two songs has led to a variety of production levels and styles, straying into RnB, Bossa Nova, funk and pop, while maintaining an acoustic vibe full of their signature three-part harmonies and wholesome, charming lyrics. Their debut project is titled after their previous band name, The Naked Waiters, with new singles and a full length album in the works. Live performances showcase a combination of original music and a variety of covers that span decades and genres and are accessible to a wide audience. 


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